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We receive quite a number of requests from individuals or couples hoping to have an artistic, spiritual or sabbatical retreat at Freswick Castle.


We very much hope that this will be possible in the longer-term future.  Over the next couple of years, we hope to create at least one special apartment, separate from the Castle, for this purpose. However, at the present time. we can only accommodate full house parties (up to twelve people staying for one week) or individuals who choose to join one of our six 'Wayfarer Weeks'.


Personal house parties are always self-catering.  We may bring caterers in for the Wayfarer Weeks or we may, as in the past, share the cooking around the group.


So, currently, these are the two options for staying at Freswick Castle in 2023:


(1) Organising a personal house party. It costs £3,000 to rent the Castle for one week, so a group of ten will be paying £300 each.  Of course, any number, however small, can book the Castle - provided the full rent is paid.


(2) Joining a 'Wayfarer Week'.  Each of these six weeks is a gathering of people, particularly those working in the world of arts and media, for refreshment and inspiration and encouragement.  These weeks are not 'organised spiritual retreats' with programmed talks and services - but more informal gatherings, which will include opportunities for prayer, discussion, walks by the sea, and conversation beside the open fires.   In some cases, we plan to offer travel and accommodation grants for those who most need financial help.


Please see our page on 'Wayfarer Weeks' for dates available.

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