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// Gatherings and events at Freswick Castle

Freswick Castle has been a wonderful haven for visitors over many years - a place of healing, refreshment and inspiration. There has always been a close relationship between Freswick Castle and the Wayfarer Trust, although these are separate entities and The Wayfarer Trust is a 'people-based' organisation which holds events at the Castle.


There has been a gradual process of beautiful restoration at Freswick Castle over a long period of time and there is now very comfortable accommodation for twelve, a kitchen-dining room with fabulous views over the sea, an elegant lounge, a seventeenth-century hall for large events, and a library with thousands of books. Perhaps the most memorable places are the vaulted Viking Hall and the inspiring chapel, down in the medieval basement of the Castle. There is a gentle walk down to the sea, with all the bird life and the seals, and a very large walled garden which is lovingly tended by dedicated gardeners.


You can learn more about Freswick Castle on its website:


Currently, during the main season of April - October, the emphasis is on full house parties booking the Castle. Individuals or couples can also book a place on a 'Wayfarer Week' (see this section below) - and sometimes it is possible to accommodate single people or very small groups out of season.


There are three ways to book at Freswick Castle:

  1. A commercial booking through Sykes.  Sykes is the leading holiday cottage rental company in the UK and has an excellent Freswick Castle page.

  2. A private booking directly with Freswick Castle.

  3. Booking a place on one of the five 'Wayfarer Weeks' house parties


We would love to welcome you!


In the future, we hope to have at least one small apartment and a studio, separate from the Castle, for artistic residencies - but at the moment, this is not something we can offer, although we have many enquiries about this.  Please see the section on 'Residencies' below.

For further information, please click: here

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