The Wayfarer Trust

// Ambassadors of hope linked across the nations


The Wayfarer Trust works with people in the arts and media to provide strong encouragement and powerful creative and spiritual inspiration. We have a deep hope for our culture and for our world. But the challenges of the present time are immense, particularly for those working on the front-line of communication in all its forms. We aim to nurture people who can be ambassadors of hope and whose lives, distinguished by creative and spiritual integrity, can have a great impact for good on our societies.


Wayfarer friends and supporters are based all around the world, including in the UK (the largest number), the US, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Holland, France, Germany, Spain and South Africa. Whatever our nation or homeland, we recognise the power of a discreet and fruitful activity which is largely ignored by the news broadcasters – the tilling, planting and nurturing of an ‘ecology of hope’ for the future, a calling which is moral and spiritual and whose outcome is deeply influenced by arts and media. This why The Wayfarer Trust gives so much time to encouraging and empowering artists to make a difference and to contribute to the renewal of our culture.



// Our Mission


The Wayfarer Trust is a registered Scottish charity (SC027212). It is a Christian charity which seeks to encourage people from all walks of life to value the arts and to actively support all those striving for excellence and spiritual inspiration in the world of arts and media.


// Wayfarer family


All those involved in artistic expression are welcomed into the Wayfarer family — men and women of different ages and stages, from different countries around the world. We believe everyone is on a spiritual journey and for many this is expressed in Christian commitment. But the journey of faith has many ups and downs, and there are others still searching, travelling on a quest for truth in art and life. We welcome people of all persuasions. The Wayfarer Trust is about relationships, mutual encouragement, spiritual growth and artistic fulfilment.


The arts are powerful in shaping society so artists need to be supported and encouraged.


Materialism and narcissism dominate our ‘celebrity culture’. Many artists are often dissenting voices, people who are living counter-culturally and taking great risks financially and emotionally. Creative people with spiritual vision, young and old, frequently feel on the margins of the entertainment industries and the volatile world of arts and media. There is an urgent need to provide support and new courage. The arts are supremely powerful in shaping society – and creative people of all kinds need all the help and encouragement they can get. 


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