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// Wayfarer Weeks 2023

The Wayfarer Weeks are a new initiative for The Wayfarer Trust, a development from our vision of hospitality and inspiration over the years.


The aim is to offer a special experience of Freswick Castle and the far north for individuals, couples or small groups who are seeking inspiration and encouragement in their artistic and spiritual life.  


We aim to provide a certain number of travel and accommodation bursaries to help people who cannot afford such a trip: but we hope to combine these placements with those who can afford to pay their way.


These weeks are not exclusive to people in the arts and media world, and some may wish to come for spiritual reflection or simply for relaxation.


The Wayfarer Weeks will not be organised creative or spiritual 'retreats' with a programme of events but will be informal gatherings where conversations by the firesides and around the meal table, walks on the beach, time in the beautiful library and opportunities for prayer will be available.


Our aim is to provide catering for lunch and dinners throughout.


The full cost of attending a Wayfarer Week will be £700, but there will be grants for some to reduce this cost to £200 and others to £500, with travel grants on offer as well. 


Grants are available to those in full-time work as artists or anyone who is finding it hard to make ends meet.  If you would like to book a place on one of these weeks and can pay the full amount, you will be helping others!  This will be a form of 'ethical holiday'! Please write to us and reserve a place.


If you would like to apply for a grant, then write to us, giving some background to your need for financial help.


The Wayfarer Weeks will be a wonderful chance to connect with others, to relax and to renew your journey, artistically and spiritually.


We look forward to seeing you!

Our friend, the film-maker, Tze Hung-Seeto from Edinburgh, has made a lovely two-minute film for us,

which captures the spirit of a Wayfarer Week and explains the vision we have for a special fund.

To find out how you can support Wayfarer Weeks please click:  here

Please click the volume button on the video player to hear the film

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