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Boxing Day at Freswick Castle 2022


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Alan M Sinclair
Alan M Sinclair
Dec 29, 2022

A beautiful peice that encapsulates for me what this is all about, not just Christmas but all through the year . Short-term-ism could be our downfall if we let it; more so than ever we need the long view . Thank you for such moving words and I would like to share with you a short film I just finished called "My Thin Place" which looks at the places in our lives where the distance between this world and the next somehow become very thin.


Over here in Toronto playing in the Fisherman’s Friends the Musical tour, your messages and posts have been so welcome. Honestly, Murray and Monique, they have helped me so much gain the strength to continue the tour, when one is so very homesick.

Katherine Hankey wrote that wonderful old hymn “Tell me the old, old story of Jesus and his love” something I am continually reminded of when I listen to one of your messages. I look forward to returning around mid January and hopefully will see you both again later in the Year.

Thanks and Festive greetings,

Rob Duncan xxx

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