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WAC '17


// Wayfarer Arts Conference 

The annual arts conference provides an opportunity for men and women of many different artistic disciplines and levels of experience, to gather together for creative and spiritual exploration.  A combination of arts workshops, performance, conversation, laughter, celebration, prayer and spiritual reflection have proved a very powerful mix for many artists.  The opportunity to escape the noise and distractions of everyday life and spend time with others with whom we share common ground is valued highly. 

// Wayfarer Arts Conference - purpose, speakers, venue and format

Since 2011, our arts conferences, held annuallty in July, have attracted artists from around the UK, Europe and beyond. .


In 2014, Steven Faux was our main speaker, taking people on a moving, musical and spiritual journey, through the Psalms.  Steven is a well-known composer for TV films, including wildlife documentaries by David Attenborough.  He is also an Anglican priest.  


In 2015, we decided to focus on a number of smaller events, to increase our sense of intimate community and to allow us valuable time to plan a great fifth Wayfarer Arts Conference for the upcoming future.


Retreats took place at Freswick Castle over Easter, at Apples of Silver in Hereford in late August and early October 2015, providing opportunity for rest and renewal.  There was also a contribution from Wayfarer to a sister conference in Denmark, OPENspace, in July – an opportunity for Scandinavian and some of our European Wayfarers to attend a linked event.  OPENspace was created by Danish Wayfarers.


We have had to postpone our 2016 Wayfarer Arts Conference for various reasons, but will be holding it next year:  17-21 July. Mark it on your calendars!  More info to come.


The Wayfarer Trust welcomes all creative people involved in artistic expression in any form – actors, composers, dancers, musicians, visual artists, writers and many more – and we extend this warm welcome to all those with a passionate love for the arts and concern for our culture.


// To connect with Wayfarer, please email here

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