Maundy Thursday - Betrayal

Intro - Murray Watts

Opening Blessing - Monique Sliedrecht

Blessed be you Divine Friend,

who eats with us and meets us in the daily round,

who weeps when we weep and rejoices at our rejoicing.

Let me not forget your faithfulness to me this night.

Praising - All

Praise to you Friendship Giver,

for showing what love is,

for coming to our table and bringing us supper,

with the kiss of death hanging darkly over you.

As you tenderly wash each travelling foot,

in the lastness of it all,

in the job of love to be poured out, come what may,

praise to you.

Invocation - Monique

O Constant One, the Sacred and Domestic of my days,

Make me more faithful as I walk this day with you.

Wash my feet before I set out and show me how to serve.

Place bread in my hands this morning for I need food for the journey.

Share your cup of liberation that I may share forgiveness.

Keep me open to truthfulness and give me courage to speak it,

but should I fail and betray another or myself, show me a way back.

May the mercy I receive make me more merciful,

the understanding I am shown, help me understand.

Keep my sleepy eyes awake to the injustice that happens right beside me.

Remember me through my day, even when I do not remember you.

O Constant One, keep faith with me this night.

Intro to Reading - Murray

Reading: John 15: 9-13 - Manuela

Maundy Thursday Prayer for Those Who Serve and Sacrifice

‘No greater love has a man or woman than they lay down their life for their friends.’

We thank you for the words of Jesus on this very night, around 2000 years ago, as he washed the feet of his disciples and gave us all an example of humble service, on the very night he was betrayed, on the evening before his supreme sacrifice on the cross.

So tonight we turn our thoughts to all those who are now living a life of service and sacrifice

Lord God, we give you thanks for the NHS workers throughout the UK and all doctors, nurses and medical teams throughout the world

We thank you for their dedication and their spirit of service and sacrifice

We thank you that there are so many amazing people in this world who are prepared to risk their own lives to save others

We remember with deep sorrow all the doctors and nurses who have died whilst working on the frontline of the worldwide pandemic – from the Chinese doctor who spoke truth to power and paid the price for it, even as he was being infected by the virus, to the two nurses in their thirties, mothers of three children each, who died in Britain last week.

We grieve with their families.

We grieve with all those who have lost healthy partners, parents, children and friends, cut down by the virus as they tried to save so many

We pray for everyone working on the frontline of the disease

We pray for grace, endurance, strength and protection

We pray for more resources, personal protection equipment, respirators

We pray for scientists throughout the world who are working on potential vaccines and treatment

We pray that all people, young and old, will learn to appreciate the sacrifices being made, to be patient, kind, supportive and giving – and we pray that nations and leaders will not look to themselves for wisdom but look to God and receive grace to help in this time of need.

Lord in your mercy –

hear our prayer.

A Chat with Manuela about Spain

Night Shielding - Monique

Watchful Spirit who stays awake

and guards us through the night.

Protect those we betray when we deny the worst in ourselves

and misuse our power.

Or when we deny the best in ourselves

and fearfully bury our power for love.

Be with all those who have been betrayed by another

Be the gentle balm on the shock of their hurt and anger.

Assure them when they set out on the hard road of trusting again.

Spirit, guard them in their wakefulness and give to all of us rest this night.

Memories on Visiting Gethsemane - Murray

Blessing - All

May the blessing of your friendship be upon me

so I may be a true friend to you, to myself,

to those I know and the ways of justice.

Give me your loyal blessing as I lie down in the world this night.


(Liturgy partly taken from 'The Celtic Wheel of the Year' by Tess Ward. Prayer for NHS and other workers by Murray Watts.)


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