Hello Wayfarers!

We're thinking of you all with much love. This is the first time we've ever shared a service in our chapel around the world, so here is a brief world premiere - Evening Prayers at Freswick Castle! Please pray with us and for us, and we will do the same for you. Let us know if you have any special prayer requests and we will remember them in our regular worship here. We hope to do one service a week for you, and perhaps some special services around Easter.

Note: We're on a technical learning curve here and next time I will raise the camera higher so I don't cut my own head off. (Something which all of us should avoid if possible.)

Monique: Blessed be you Innermost God, outside,

in the wide open wilderness with no walls.

Cover me as I take my rest this night.

All: Praise to you who knows our harsh times,

when the universe withdraws its friendliness,

and we are thrown back on our own resources.

For whether we feel your absence or presence

there can be no pretence.

Praise to you who bears our "how long?"

Monique: Be still in the silence and aware of the Love with you and within you......

Deep down and darkly down, there you are,

there in the core where the world turns,

here in my marrow where no one sees.

May I feel your touch in my flesh,

especially when I seem to have no skin.

May I feel your strength in my muscle,

especially when I seem to have no fight.

May I feel you down to my bones,

when I can come no other way.

Go beyond my bones when all has run dry.

May you remain there at the seat of my deepest desire,

present when I have forgotten my passion.

Be my comfort and my stay as I move through the world.

All: O Vulnerable One who hears our silent cry,

be with each person this day who is wandering their own lonely desert.

Encircle with your love

those who know there are no short-cuts,

who cannot go round but must go through.

Murray: Reading and reflection from Matthew 8 - 'Jesus Sleeps During the Storm'

Manuela: Courageous Spirit,

who leads us past the threshold where we dare not tread,

contain me as I lie down this black night.

Protect me as I am taken to places

where I must push out the limits of my soul

to make a bigger space.

Be with all on my mind at this time.

Forge new courage in us that will never leave

because we have met our foe.

Spirit contain me as I lie down this night.

Blessing (All): When all seems hollow bless me.

When all seems broken bless me.

When you seem like a mirage bless me.

When I feel you are not there bless me.

When I do not care if you are, bless me.

Take my unkept face in your hands,

smudged and grimy from the road

and stroke your blessing into my features,

for you will never turn away a broken spirit.

(Taken from Tess Ward's 'The Celtic Wheel of the Year')

Murray: Final Blessing


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