Havens of Love - Palm Sunday at Freswick Castle

Havens of Love - Palm Sunday at Freswick Castle 2020

On Resting

Blessed be you O Springtime God,

re-awakening our senses to your freshness

between sunrise and sunset.

I go to sleep in your peace this night.


Praise to you who shines

in the corners we would rather hide,

and reveals the dusty webs

of moments and feelings we have spun together,

and tried to leave behind,

fragile and neglected.

Praise to you for knowing when we are ready to look.

In Stillness

Be still in the silence and aware of the Love with you and within you….


Lure of all our longing.

draw us on our inner pilgrimage.

As the soil on land is ploughed and sowed,

prepare the ground of my being to do the soul-work.

Prepare my feet to walk the untrodden paths.

Prepare my hands to receive the unexpected.

Prepare my face to withstand whatever the weather.

Prepare my shoulders to offer strength to fellow-traveller.

Prepare my desire to sift my dreams.

Prepare my resolve to shift the shapes that I put in the way.

Prepare my discernment to see what is no longer needed.

Prepare my back to relax as you carry my load.

Walk beside me and lure me deeper into you as I set out this night.

Opening Out

O Divine One, whose sole purpose is love,

tune my attention to a simple mindfulness

and let the distractions fall away,

that I might walk this day with thankfulness for every step.

Be with each of us when we become overwhelmed

by our own making or because of our situation

or we cannot tell the difference.

Give us faith that the unfolding of your love each day

is the goal of the journey.

Scripture Reading and Message

John 12:1-13

'Havens of Love’ - Murray

(This is where the video has cut out, the remainder is below. Perhaps you can read it for yourselves.)


Hospitality Prayer

Oh Lord, bless and preserve all those in the hospitality industry,

Shine the light of your love on every hotel, guest house and bed and breakfast business throughout the UK and the world,

Save all those now suffering at the present time.

Be present as a mysterious guest in empty rooms and deserted restaurants

Give grace to all who depend on this livelihood and strength to survive the financial shocks

In particular, we pray for the Norseman Hotel, Mackays Hotel and the Seaview Hotel in Caithness

who have all blessed and helped us at Freswick Castle over the years

We pray for great hotel chains and humble AirBnb businesses

We pray for these havens of love and hospitality which are so precious

We pray for retreat centres, like Lee Abbey in Devon, Ffald-y-Brenin in Wales and Scargill in Yorkshire

We pray for Laity Lodge in Texas, Hephzibah House and Leo House in New York

We pray for all places which normally offer inspiration and rest and are now silent, waiting on providence

waiting for God

We wait upon you, O Lord, and pray with hope for all havens of love around the world

Finally we pray for our leaders in the UK and throughout the world. We pray for discernment, strength, courage, and endurance.

We pray for her Majesty the Queen and the impact of her message to the nation at this time.


Night Shielding

Spirit who cleans my heart,

Help me put my house in order this spring

as I rest from my outward journey tonight.

Though my homestead will always be in need of repair,

may it become simply furnished and loved

because it is your dwelling place.

Protect all whom I have met this day.

Give us your peace as we lie down this night.


Lure of all our longing,

as I travel another step closer,

make me ready for your homecoming embrace

when I enter your sanctuary

footsore and hungry for the supper you have already waiting.

Bless me on my way as I take my rest this night.


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