Happy Ascension Day

Ascension is such a mysterious time. May blessings fill your heart in the studio, your office, your home and wherever you go today. --- Murray Writes:

'This is the twentieth anniversary of the release of the film 'The Miracle Maker' (Easter 2000) in cinemas throughout the world and on ABC network in the US.  The story of the film ends on Ascension Day.  The 12 year old heroine of the film, Tamar (Jairus' daughter) is one of the many witnesses of that mysterious and memorable event.

It was a very great privilege to write the screenplay for this film but I also had the chance to write the novel as well., which was a very special enterprise too. The book is Tamar's story, told when she is much older and looking back over her life from the very edge of the Roman Empire.  At the end of the book, she recalls Ascension Day - and here is a brief extract from that chapter:

"The cloud came invisibly.  None of us saw anything or felt anything,  not even the wind, although the trees were bending far down the slopes, where the olive groves were almost white in the haze. We were not aware of the gale that was coming around us, because all of us were looking at him.  There must have been about five hundred of us, gathered all along the ridge. People were asking him questions, daring to speak to him, becoming confident because he had appeared many times and we had become familiar with the veil.

The veil that fluttered to one side at will.

We had begun to expect him, and we did not know that the cloud was coming.  Someone asked him, 'Is this the time when you will restore the Kingdom to Israel?'  He said, 'It is not for you to know the times or seasons or the day.'

He did not move from where he stood in the still sunlight, and the raging wind that came sweeping down valleys, over the hills, through the darkness of the groves, the wind that came without a sound made us hold each other.  I stood between my mother and father and they had their hands tight around me, but because he was in the stillness and in the dazzling sunlight, we imagined we were in the calm too.  We took no account of the storm of brightness that was enveloping us all.  He spoke so softly and every word was like a clear note sounded in an empty chamber.

It seemed to echo in emptiness, in calm and cool shadow, like a song in a ruin.

'Go,' he said, and we did not know that he was going.

'Go through all the earth and make disciples of every nation. Baptise in the name of the Father.'

The Father.

The sweetness of his voice and the strength and passion that urged us, that drove into us. The shout in our souls, 'Father!'

His tenderness fell on us like fire.

'And of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  For the Spirit will come upon you.'

We could not see him for a moment, as he said, 'Spirit'.  Then we saw him again, quite still, for one last time.  Just standing there, standing in the sunlight, his feet among the anemones, bearing their scars.

We saw the marks of the nails and they were crimson like flowers.

'I will be with you always, even to the end of the world.' "


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