Easter Morning at Freswick Castle

Easter Morning at Freswick Castle

Intro - Murray

On Rising - Monique

Blessed be you risen with the sun,

for arriving soft-foot in the garden unawares,

and surprising us with friendly news

that hope has sprung, the dead season’s gone.

Let me rise with a joyful heart this day.

Praising - All

Praise to you O Holy Gardener

for what was sowed in tears is now reaped in joy.

By forsythia and primrose, you break out in newness.

By swallow and swift, your happy return.

Praise to you.

Morning Invocation - Murray

Living One,

I go to look where I last found you but that is now stony and dead,

for you who lead me forward to new life are always one step ahead.

As I leave the old and step out in the new this day,

bring new life to my fingers that I might

touch the signs of your life among us and have faith.

Bring new life as I eat my breakfast that I might know you

in the breaking of my daily bread.

Bring new life to the work of my hands this day

that I might trust the abundance of your gift.

Bring new life when you interrupt my old ways and name me

that I might recognise your calling me on.

Bring new life to my eyes that I might see you beside me

as I walk my road this day.

Reading from The Lion Bible for Children - Breakfast by Galilee (p. 299) - Monique

Talk - Breakfast by Galilee - Murray

Blessing - All

May God of the Easter garden bless in every season of the heart.

May God of the mountainside bless in time set apart.

May God of the beach bless whether tides ebb or tides flow.

May God of the upper room bless my doubt that I may know

afresh the deep love of God that is stronger than death.

May it rise within me as I set forth this day.

Happy Easter!


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