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// Fundraising

The Wayfarer Trust is committed to supporting the needs of artists—pastorally, professionally and financially.  To that end, Trustees of Wayfarer have re-affirmed their commitment to:



  • supporting artists financially, enabling them to play a key role on the frontline of the arts and media

  • fostering a more tangible sense of belonging through membership in The Wayfarer Community

  • supporting the ongoing Wayfarer Fellowship academic residency at St John’s College at the University of Durham

  • subsidising the cost of events for Wayfarers at Freswick Castle and other arts conferences

  • meeting ongoing running costs of The Wayfarer Trust


// Receptions

In the Autumn last year, an evening reception was hosted in Durham and more are planned in Edinburgh and London. Each is intended as a relaxed and convivial occasion, providing an opportunity to thank donors and highlight the fundraising needs of the Wayfarer Trust. Wayfarers who have been supported financially and in other ways will be on hand to explain the impact made in their lives. Over wine and canapes, there will be opportunity for guests to talk to Wayfarer staff and have any questions answered and of course to connect with other Wayfarers.


For more information, please email:  here

// Tax Efficient Giving

We greatly appreciate your financial support, whether a one-time gift or a regular donation by standing order.



Basic Rate Taxpayers: The Wayfarer Trust is a registered Scottish Charity (No SC027212), which means that we are able to claim Gift Aid on all donations, provided a donor signs a Gift Aid declaration stating that he or she is a UK tax payer.  If you pay tax at the basic rate, Gift Aid applies to 25% of the value of your donation which means, for example, that a donation of £100 is currently worth £125 to The Wayfarer Trust. 



Higher Rate Taxpayers: Higher rate taxpayers can claim a tax rebate from the Inland Revenue on their charitable gifts.  The actual amount The Wayfarer Trust receives could be boosted significantly if a donor is willing to donate the tax rebate in addition to their gift.



Donors from USA & Canada: If you’re a taxpayer in the USA or Canada, please email here to find out how you can give to The Wayfarer Trust tax efficiently.



// Giving a Donation

To give regularly by standing order, please download The Wayfarer Trust's Standing Order/Gift Aid Declaration here



Alternately, cheques made out to “The Wayfarer Trust” may be sent to:


The Wayfarer Trust's Treasurer

35 Dunbar Road


East Lothian


EH41 3PJ



Thank you


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